Why one should choose Modern cloth diapers India?

Modern cloth diapers India comes in an attractive and impressive display of a materials – ranging from natural fabrics like cotton (organic), hemp, bamboo and even wool, to synthetic fabrics like suede, microfiber, charcoal bamboo, and other blends. Depending on your baby’s needs, your washing schedule, your budget, resources available and overall you can choose any of these fabrics to cloth diaper your babies. I personally use cloth diapers for my baby made of natural fabrics because my primary reason for going with cloth diaper is towards being more environmentally friendly and natural fabric is one of them.

What makes natural fabrics so special?

  • They are extremely safe against baby’s skin. It is very rare that a baby will have rashes caused due to these fabrics. I have not had even one day of diaper rash with natural fabrics. They do feel wet but most babies don’t mind the wetness.Modern cloth diapers India are not the same as our grandmothers did it. They are not at all like how they used to be in our grandma’s time. They are way much better.
  • Better resistance at bacterial growth. You can completely trust them for your baby’s skin. Also, it has less stink issues.
  • They are super absorbent making them most of the use for night and heavy wetters.
  • They allow your baby to understand when she/he is wet, babies feel comfortable as they are very soft do not cause any irritation on baby’s skin.

So when we say natural fabrics are environmentally friendly, it implies that they are easily decomposable. Now, considering that diapers containing natural fabrics, tend to be more expensive, we should care for them so as to increase their efficiency and longevity.

Here are some tips to use and take care of your modern cloth diapers India

  • Good prepping – natural fabric diapers need multiple washes before becoming fully absorbent. You should use the right amount of detergent and wash in warm water. A good process that I follow and which works well for me is two washes.I do use the diaper before it’s fully prepped, but for shorter durations. I dare to use them for nights only after they have got around 6 to 7 washes.• Never soak the diapers for a long time – a 30 minutes soak in hot or warm soapy water is sufficient. You really don’t need to soak any diaper for a long time together.• while removing a diaper off baby – immediately rinse pee off under cold water tap. Store correctly until laundry day. It is not recommended to let urine remain in the diaper, or else this can cause ammonia build up.
  • Ideally wash every day; especially if you live in a humid environment like Mumbai, Goa, or coastal areas. Do wash it every day.So there you go, with a few careful steps where you can extend the life of your modern cloth diapers India. It’s really not as complicated or difficult to follow these few steps. You just need to make a routine of it.

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