How To Choose Right Keywords For Your Website

Everyone imagine that their website show on first page of Google search. Keywords are the basic things which help the website rank up on search engine. Right keywords are the basic ingredient while performing the Optimization Process. Keywords in search engine optimization are the terms, wordsphrases which are typed in Google Search engine by the internet users while doing the search process. When a businessman or a potential customer (For businesses) searches something in Google, MSN or Yahoo, you would definitely want your website to rank in the top 3 results on search engine. A good keyword is really important to achieve a good result on search engine. A good keyword has many attributes. Good keywords useful for your website to increase and ranked up on Google or other search engine. By the end of this article, surely you got a good technique to choose right keywords for your business.

Analysis The Competitor’s Website

  • While choosing a right keyword we would need to see its competition level.
  • Select top 5 competitors who appear on search engine (First Page).
  • Look those websites and analysis them passionately.
  • Look for what topics do they focus on i.e. which keyword do you see over and over.
  • Go to the Google search and check if their websites are among the top searched sites for this particular keyword.
  • After Complete, Look how are you fairing with the keyword.
  • You could also use Google keyword Planner in GoogleAdwords or Keyword Anywhere free extension to find out the competition level
  • Check how the competition level of the keyword is and check best, medium and low level competition.

Research keyword

  • Research keyword will give you a right sense of direction for optimizing your website.
  • If you choose a wrong keyword, it would be waste of your time and energy, as you would not be able to connect to potential customers with your brand.
  • Think and generate a list of topics related to your business. A good place to start is the topics you regularly posting on blog.
  • After that look for topics which can provide you a boost to specific keyword Eg. Difference between Dedicated server vsvps hosting.
  • Now check the search volume for the keywords.

Enquire and research about search volume per month

  • First of all we need to sign in into for which you will require a Gmail account.
  • After log in go into the Tools tab.
  • In the drop down menu click on keyword planner
  • From there find new keywords and get search volume data, click on get search volume data and trends.
  • Enter the keywords phrases you have selected one per line which is separated by a comma.
  • There we will be able to find the keywords details like Competitor, Average monthly searches and other details.
  • Select those keywords with high search volume and go to the list down.
  • I used keywords everywhere tools for monthly keyword search volume. This tool can help you to provide to approx. result and this tool is totally free.

Choose the right keyword and don’t bother about general keyword

  • Avoid choosing one word keyword. Choose at least word phrases more than one.
  • Keywords should not be one word.
  • Rankings for one word keywords are relatively higher eg. Competition for just “SEO” would be compare to high rather than other related keywords..
  • Search for one of your keywords in Google search engine.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page of Google to view related searches and that can be your related keywords.
  • Then include those to your list of keywords.

Be Aware About your target area: look for local region

  • Use area (city, state) specific keyword to let Google know where your business is located and help local customers in your area to reach you.
  • Including your city (where your company exist) and state to your keyword choices and listing your physical address tell Google that you serve a localized market.

Don’t Choose Keywords by own: Use tools

  • You can prefer Google keywords planner for your business and this one suggest you best keywords for your websites.
  • Search and choose right keywords and middle competition level keywords. Once you ranked middle level keyword then can go for top competition level keyword

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